Is HE bigger than Chandra Babu?

Posted : April 7, 2014 at 6:38 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Do you  think, that Mr. Kishan Reddy of BJP is bigger than Mr. Chandrababu Naidu in AP, since he kept the strong and cadre-based party on hold for weeks, before national leaders stepped in and clinched the TDP-BJP alliance.

Mr. Kishan Reddy took on mighty Naidu and strongly opposed the alliance, despite knowing that BJP couldn’t beat TRS and Congress alone in Telangana. Although, he is strong on Telangana but he went overboard in analysing TDP’s strength in Seemandhra region, that annoyed national BJP leaders. At one point, Kishan was ready to break bread with YSRCP too, but he was opposed to TDP’s allotment of seats. The strong rumour mill is that Reddy factor is reportedly behind Kishan’s favouritism to Jagan and opposition to deal with Naidu.

If Mr. Modi has no special interest in AP, the alliance wouldn’t have ever happened. In political and administrative experience, Mr. Kishan Reddy is no match to Mr. Naidu who ruled the sate for 9 years and also the convener of NDA at national level, so in comparison Kishan stands no match. Whereas, Kishan’s experience is to win few seats for BJP by supproting statehood of Telangana but he overplayed his role in 2014 elections? Surely, Naidu who doesn’t spare his opponents, would undermine Kishan, if TDP gets more seats.