Believe it or not, Autonagar Surya is a hit!!

Posted : July 4, 2014 at 2:22 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


It is well known that Autonagar Surya film had gone through hell before hitting the screens on last Friday. The film was under production stage for more than three years and as a result the budget of the film has multiplied due to the interests taken on the finances. Also it had to carry the burden of other films produced RR Movie Makers.

Director of Autonagar Surya claims that his film is profitable venture if you take only the amount actually spent on the film. “As per my sources the actual spending on ANS is btwn 10-11 cr. The rest of the burdens were from other products and previous outings!,” Deva Katta tweeted a while ago. He says that this amount is already recovered through first six days theatrical share and other rights.

‘If v look into d first 6 days share + satellite + dubbings, d product made 20-30% more than what’s actually spent on it. This is truth !!’ Deva Katta added. A film is considered hit or flop only if it makes profits. Sadly Autonagar Surya cannot recover all other multiplied interests and the burdens of other products forever. So it will go down as a flop film on commercial front. But it is a profitable film on its own as per Deva Katta. Poor director is trying to bring out the facts to make the world know that he has made a safe project within the budget provided! But who cares about all this!