Baahubali And Gannareddy Lack Originality?

Posted : October 21, 2014 at 3:29 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


We are hearing from certain quarters, who are quite educated about medieval history of India, about the flaws in the looks of Baahubali and Gannareddy. This might sound quite cynical for fans of the two big stars of Tollywood, but historians say that aboriginal content for the sake of entertaining audience is killing the essence of South India’s pride and history.

Talking about Prabhas’s spine-chilling look from Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali, as the newly released poster is the most talked about, historians say that it is more a South-East Asian inspired look but not truly South Indian. As the story is about a warrior set in South India, one would expect Prabhas to look more that way. But his spiky crown, sleeveless body armor have got a touch of Korean and Japanese warrior looks. If it is South Indian, then our medieval warriors wore less armor and simple or no crown at all.

Coming to Gona Gannareddy, Allu Arjun is quite fascinating but for people with great command over English history, he is looking like another rebellion in the medieval European times. Close to the gaming character in popular ‘Assasins Creed’, Bunny resembles more of a Robin Hood style warrior but not truly a Kakatiya empire based Telugu king. As Gunasekhar says that Gannareddy character has shades of Robin Hood, maybe we have to accept that not only his character but the character-design is also having shades of that England’s historic rebel.

Probably these looks of Baahubali and Gannareddy keeping the gigantic fan bases of these heroes in mind as they don’t get thrilled until their demi-gods are shown in a never before avatar. We have to see what Rajamouli and Gunasekhar says about this criticism.