Arvind Kejriwal, AAP : A Hope Turned to a Lost Opportunity

Posted : May 31, 2014 at 10:16 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Arvind kejriwal, an ex-civil service man, is a key member in forming and introducing right to information act. He is also right hand for Anna Hazare through his fight against corruption and introduction of Jan lokpal bill. AK got quick reputation through his simple living, clear views, quirky and efficient speeches. Later got separated from Anna’s way of fight and believed that politics are way to service people and also to curb corruption by implementing laws.

Soon he started his own paty, Aam Aadmi party (AAP), with his supporters. Contested in Delhi assembly elections with his team which is mostly lacked any political experience. Already irritated and frustrated with congress’s governance and corruption, people of Delhi have seen a hope in AK and AAP. To the surprise of every Indian and all political parties, AAP won 28 seats out of 70 seats. Congress routed in the election with their three times CM Sheela Dixit losing to AK and winning single digit seats in Delhi. Every Indian praised AAP win and said this proved India is a real democracy. With a hung assembly, everyone suggested others to form government. Finally Kejriwal and AAP decided to form minority government with external support from congress. Team congress has supported AAP to reduce their embarrassment and corruption charges.

AK’s manifesto was clear, supply of power, water and passing of lokpal bill. Assumed Chief minister’s position with an ambition to prove his mettle as politician and change the ways of conventional politics. His cabinet travelled in Metro and he lived in his 2BHK flat. Most of it looked like media jimmiks rather than clear plan. Implementing manifesto was his first agenda. AAP promises on water and power almost fulfilled immediately like there is no tomorrow. But the party’s will introduction Lokpal bill couldn’t be possible both because of process deviations and also resistance from opposition. Eventually, 49day government has resigned sighting opposition’s lack of support in passing the bill.

This clearly showed the political immaturity of Kejriwal and AAP. Party wanted to do everything too early to prove their capability. They proved everyone and the voters that they can’t handle pressure of conventional politics. Party fell in opposition’s trap. They have full five years for continuing the government at least one year being minority government. Party felt it was an honest and brave move to resign from power. But party miserably failed to gauge the public mood. Entire Delhi disappointed with APP and disapproved the party later. To cash on the craze and media buzz, AAP has contested 400 seats in loksabha elections and AK fought against Modi. Having known the capabilities, this time around voters didn’t give AAP a chance but just 4 seats less than seats in TATA NANO. They lost even in their home turf Delhi.

Kejriwal and AAP now decided to form government in Delhi again. Party and it’s principal apologized publicly to people of Delhi for resigning from the government. They requested congress to support and governor to give them a chance. Futile tries to come back to power may not succeed. Fact remains is that AAP got carried away with their success. Composure required in success and responsibility required when in power. AAP lacked both which is a lost opportunity. Party should have concentrated on governance and issues instead relied heavily on media and drama. People may not give another opportunity neither to AAP nor to any similar other party. An opportunity given by bold voters of Delhi and Indian democracy has been lost by immature leadership of AAP. ISHAANI