AP targetting 75K Crores!

Posted : September 9, 2014 at 10:30 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


It’s sure that AP government needs more financial aid for the development of the state. In addition to that budget allocations, Government requires 75K crores of in next five years for overall development of the state. It formed committee under the head of MP Sujana Chowdary for suggestions to generate more income.

The Committee presents PPT Presentation to Chief Minister CBN in this regard. As per the analysys of the committee, AP Government targets 20K Crores on immediate AP Beverages Corporation. It calculates that around 46K crores of ruppes in next 5 years would gather through the corporation. Government plans to move 70% of revenue to Agriculture Cess amount increased to 32K Crores in coming 5 years.

AP Government plans to gather more income by showing this as assurance to National and International Banks. It would gather another 2,500 crores on income through the auction of Red Sandalwood. AP Government also in thought of getting more income by giving royalties from the ports. This is another option suggested by the committee for generating more income. Government plans to develop 14 ports in the state through Public Private Partnership (PPP).