Does AP division boon for CBN?

Posted : May 14, 2014 at 6:07 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


It seems that people (Urban and Rural) mandate is very clear towards TDP in SA after seeing the results of local body elections. Till Monday, even TDP leaders also not confident on their victory in Municipal and MPTC/ZPTC elections. TDP was almost forgetting the taste of the victory in any elections since 2009. Party has severely lost even to get deposits in the bye-elections both in SA and Telangana.

TDP cadre was shocked and surprised after seeing Local body results on Monday and Tuesday. They are now in upbeat mood and waiting for general election results. Analysts are in discussion what factors that went driven towards TDP victory in these elections. Will the same factors repeat in General Elections too? Though TDP wrote a letter to Central Government on formation of Telangana state, CBN is personally against to Telangana. Both SA and Telangana people have the same opinion on CBN in this regard.

After the division SA people have worried on the development of new state. They have left with two options (Jagan or Babu) to select before them. It seems that SA people have compared the both leaders and prefers towards CBN. He has his own mark on development of Hyderabad City. This opinion is automatically gone deeply into people mind without having much publicity from TDP. Adding to that, CBN promise of waving of loans to the farmers is strengthen the party into rural bastions. Urban voters prefer Modi and CBN combination for the development of new AP. Analysts have strongly believed that CBN has emerged as popular leader only after the division of the state.