Anti-YSR Wave Due to ‘Arogyasree’?

Posted : May 5, 2014 at 7:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Of course, ‘Arogyasree’ is the mother of all other welfare schemes that has transformed the image of late CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Few people heaped praises on late Congress CM as they got operated for free at corporate hospitals due to this scheme. Can you imagine that the very same scheme is now forcing Anti-YSR rhetoric?

In a team of 10 people from a town like Eluru, the discussion is like this… Among them one person’s father got operated for a heart surgery at a popular corporate hospital in Hyderabad under Arogyasree scheme. The surgery is heard costing 2.5 lacs but the hospital has claimed 6.5 lakhs from government. This guy may want to cast his vote only for YSRC because Arogyasree helped his father. The remaining 9 guys never had those health problems for their family members and they have never used that Arograysree card. But they realized that all that extra 4 lakhs paid by government is part of scam and also that money is nothing but the ‘taxes’ these 10 have paid. In the name of helping one guy, YSR’s brainchild has literally sucked the earnings of other 9 guys. These nine guys have now turned against YSR hence making the anti-YSR rhetoric grow due to ‘Arogyasree’

Interesting discussions are going on at root level about the politics being played all the political parties that are in fray. When it comes to ‘Arogyasree’ scheme there is widespread acclaim across the state and criticism too. This interesting observation constituted by ‘voters’ at root level lacks technical data, but they have interpreted from they have heard and their ‘votes’ are the key anyway.