Antenna implanted in a MAN’s Skull!

Posted : November 6, 2014 at 10:11 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


A device called ‘eyeborg’ has been implanted in the skull of European Artist Neil Harbisson who was born with color blindness called ‘a chromatopsia’ which means he can’t see the World in black & white. So, Neil began using an ‘eyeborg’ which could sense color around him and convert it to sound.

For this he had to go under the knife for integrating eyebrow into his body through the back of his skull. The eyeborg helps him sense 360 different colors, he could access wi-fi and bluetooth and his friends with smart phones will use an App to beam images to Neil’s gear helping him see them without even using his eyes.

It took 5 months for Neil Harbisson to get accustomed to ‘eyeborg’. He overcame the security issues at the airports using his passport which consists the approval of UK Government accepting antenna in his skull. The drawback of ‘eyeborg’ is hacking and anyone could go into Neil’s head just by doing so!