Posted : April 7, 2014 at 12:36 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Ram Gopal Varma’s Open Letter addressing to Pawan Kalyan has created a stir among Power Star’s fans. Varma’s comprehensive and acerbic letter has set tongues wagging in both political and film circles. The whole issue has thrown light into two popular contemporary ISMs- Ramuism and Pawanism. Interestingly, both Ramuism and Pawanism share a common bond i.e., both has humongous fan base as well as detractors. Here is an in-depth look at both Ramuism and Pawanism.


To all the late comers, Ramuism is word coined by RGV’s diehard fans and it is nothing but to simply follow the life style of Ram Gopal Varma who himself is staunch admirer of Ayn Rand. The noteworthy point here is Varma, who studied all the famous philosophers and their philosophies, never follow anyone of them blindly be it Ayn Rand or Arthur Schopenhauer or Immaneul Kant or Wilhelm Hegel or Friedrich Nietzsche or Rene Descartes or Aristotle or Plato or Bruce Lee or whoever it might be. Vamra just understood their philosophies, adapted them in his own way and followed his own unique philosophy. Perhaps, this is what his fans may term as Ramuism.


Pawanism, as explained by Pawan, is to serve the nation. He even released a book ISM (Ideology, Statements and Manifesto), co-authored with his friend Raju Ravitej, which became the hot topic. People, who have read the ISM or tried to read ISM, expressed their dissent. Pawan’s own brother Chiranjeevi has made fun out of the book. Since Chiru’s comments appear personal and lack objectivity, one need not consider them seriously. But veering towards points raised by Ram Gopal Varma, an intellectual and Pawan’s self-proclaimed hardcore fan, must be taken into account for manifold reasons.

If Pawan Kalyan is really serious about Jana Sena and want to establish it from the roots by 2019, Pawan should mull over about his ISM and his friend Raju Ravitej. For the record, the basic qualities of a book or any literary or art form is to be simple, understandable, comprehensive. As Varma rightly pointed out, 90% of ISM lacks single goal-oriented direction pointer. If this is anything to go by, Pawan should immediately release a second version of ISM i.e., ISM 2 or a simpler and comprehensive version of ISM. Else, Pawan Kalyan and Pawanism survival would be in danger in long term. Since Politics, like Cinema, is for masses, Pawan can’t claim that his book ISM is just meant for limited people.