Aladdin’s Lamp In Six Pack Comedian’s Hand

Posted : June 10, 2014 at 3:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


For a path-lost traveller in a desert, what if he finds a oasis to beat his thirst? What if he finds a tent with A/c fitted inside? What if he finds an Aladdin’s Lamp with genie ready to shower him with whatever he seeks? Same is the case with Sunil now.

Though Sunil impressed with his six-pack look after becoming hero, his poor choice of films have finally pushed him into neck deep sorrow. With his each flick looking like mere laughing stock and making no waves at box office, definitely this unexpected hero has fallen into a deep thinking. But what could be the lamp of light is this latest project he is offered. Vasu Varma who directed Naga Chaitanya’s debut debacle ‘Josh’ is all set to entertain audiences again with his next that features Sunil as hero. And as usual, Dil Raju is producing this flick for his protege Vasu Varma. Is this not a big opportunity for Sunil to bounce back?

Definitely Vasu Varma’s flick is like an Aladdin’s lamp for Sunil, and he could simply rub it, ask the genie Dil Raju for a hit, and score it. Seems like Vasu’s ‘Lover’ that is supposed to feature Allu Arjun is now being done by Sunil. Good luck six pack hero!