Accident effect on Nara Rohit

Posted : April 25, 2014 at 3:21 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Upon looking at the trailers of ‘Prathinidhi’, People began assuming Nara Rohit might have gained weight to suit the title role in the movie. The charming hero finally breaks his silence to bring out the facts.

Nara Rohit met with an accident just few days before starting ‘Prathinidhi’ shoot and gained few pounds during this period. As he had already allotted his call sheets to the film, The youngster has no other option but to take part in the shooting with the help of medicines. Rohit sustained an injury on his right hand and hence he relied completely on his left hand during the 40-days shoot. This development might give a feeling to the audience that the Nara Hero is a left hander while watching the movie.

Condemning the reports saying ‘Prathinidhi’ is just a film intended to promote TDP during the election season, Nara Rohit claims his film will neither support nor criticize any of the political parties but its about a common man questioning the system. Don’t expect too many political satires from ‘Prathinidhi’, though Dialogues will be the major highlight of this thriller and especially ’84 paise’ one-liner connected well with the people. Let’s see, what will this Common Man does on April 25th!