5 Reasons why Pawan won’t merge Jana Sena

Posted : August 23, 2014 at 2:07 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Ever since Pawan Kalyan met BJP Chief Amit Shah on Thursday in Hyderabad, there are enormous reports of Pawan “merging” Jana Sena into BJP or Pawan going to be the chief of BJP Andhra Pradesh unit. Contrary to these reports, highly reliable sources in Pawan Kalyan’s camp out rightly rebuffed these reports and claimed them as “baseless”, “libelous”.

5 Reasons why Pawan won’t  merge Jana Sena..

1. Pawan himself is a brand and if he join any other party, even if it’s BJP, he might not has his Charisma like before. Chiranjeevi is pretty good example  as he lost his sheen after merging PRP with Congress. No matter how much admiration Pawan has for Narendra Modi. 

2. Pawan Kalyan has just floated his party Jana Sena which is yet to be registered by Election Commission of India (ECI). Reports of merging even before the party got registration is definitely bolt out of the blue.

3. Has Pawan had such idea of joining BJP, he would have joined BJP directly rather than launching his political outfit.

4. Pawan Kalyan is chalking out a plan to establish Jana Sena from roots and want to play major role in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Since BJP is not well established in AP, if Pawan Kalyan joins BJP it would have its share of affect. So, Pawan don’t take this huge risk of joining the traditional old party as it may backfire.

5. Pawan Kalyan is not Chiranjeevi to merge his political party. Pawan has very intense ideas, political plans so he will not merge his party and continue to sail with Jana Sena. Pawan and Raju Raviteja’s ISM book too not so close to ideology of BJP. So, reasons for Pawan not merging Jana Sena with BJP are manifold.