100 Crores Loss due to Mahesh Babu

Posted : July 30, 2014 at 3:01 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


One young producer planned to make a high budget film with Mahesh Babu in the lead. However Mahesh Babu didn’t show interest in the project as he thought that film wouldn’t work in Telugu. The film in question was Ghajini and the producer who failed to get Mahesh’s dates was Daggubati Rana.

Rana was so impressed with the Tamil version of Ghajini that he thought of remaking it in Telugu with his uncle Venkatesh. But Venkatesh felt he is too old for that role and Rana met Mahesh Babu with the proposal of remaking Ghajini. Mahesh felt that it wouldn’t suit the tastes of Telugu audience and rejected the offer.

Later Ghajini was dubbed in Telugu and went on to become a huge hit. Same producers remade the film in Hindi and made crores of rupees. Rana says that he would have made all that money if Mahesh agreed to do the remake. “I lost 100 crores because of you” is what Rana tells to Mahesh whenever he meets him.